Rone™ Oxfam Classic

Blunt™ has collaborated with internationally renowned, Australian street artist, Rone to create this special edition umbrella. A limited run, portable artwork designed to support Oxfam's important work to tackle poverty. For every Blunt™ + Rone Classic Umbrella sold, Blunt™ will donate $30 to Oxfam.

Limited Edition | Free Shipping

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120 cm / 47 in


84 cm / 33 in


640 g / 1.4 lb

"I get approached by a lot of companies wanting to collaborate with me on product and my usual answer is “no.” But when @bluntumbrellas got in touch a few months ago to see if I’d get be interested in designing a new umbrella to support @oxfam, I was in."


BLUNT Classic

Full-sized, full-length and fully tensioned, the Blunt™ Classic is our original high-performance umbrella. Featuring the patented Blunt™ Tips and easy-grip handle, the coverage you get from the Classic makes it the must-have companion for day-long downpours.

Blunt Umbrella Metro Compact Karen Walker Umbrella 2018


Melbourne-based artist Rone is internationally recognised for his evocative large-scale mural works and immersive exhibitions, often set in abandoned buildings. Found in cities all around the world – from New York and Tokyo to Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and beyond.

our limited edition BLUNT + Rone + Oxfam umbrella straight from instagram

“Its architectural integrity is as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter‘s”


“Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe”

The Wall Street Journal

“Umbrellas are just another hateful piece of urban luggage…. The Blunt umbrella‘s intelligent design might actually convert this hater”