Sustainability at BLUNT Preview

We love solutions that offer multiple sustainability benefits.

The vision was to create a product that could perform better, last longer, and give people a feeling of confidence and joy when they used it. I felt a better-designed umbrella would elevate its value in the market, matching the potential of any other well-designed fashion forward product. 

The industry was seemingly focused on making products quicker and cheaper, with very little effort in making them better. Consumers had lost respect for umbrellas, and I felt this needed to change.

The goal for BLUNT was never actually to make a sustainable product, it became sustainable organically through our intention of making a quality umbrella. This means sustainability is integrated right through the business across all touchpoints.

Sustainability for us is all about our product’s lifespan and giving consumers a better experience over time. It's a really simple sustainability message for consumers: if you buy a product that lasts longer, you’re doing better for the planet.

Every BLUNT comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty, which brings multiple brand benefits. When people come in for a repair they get that human-to-human contact and when we can either fix their umbrella on the spot, or repair it and send it back out to them, it's such a valuable customer interaction.

We love solutions that offer multiple sustainability benefits. For us, it always comes back to sustainable product design.

Inspired by the simplicity and modular compatibility of Lego, BLUNT treat each component of the umbrellas like a product in itself. This means considering how each individual part fits with others, with the aim of making the whole product easy to connect.

The plan for the future is not to have a whole lot of workshops around the world but to get to a point where, if something goes wrong, we simply send a component out and you pop it in yourself – as easy as Lego. 

“We learnt that the more focused you are in trying to find a solution to a problem, the more special the result will be once you find it.”

Quote by|Greig Brebner

This modular approach has real benefits when it comes to manufacturing, supply and logistics. Instead of moving bulky products worldwide, we're shipping smaller, more compact components. There are huge efficiencies in that, and big sustainability benefits downstream.

Putting sustainability requirements into the design of a product, service or business model can be massively constraining. But, rather than a negative, it should be seen as a huge opportunity. We learnt that the more focused you are in trying to find a solution to a problem, the more special the result will be once you find it.

One of the world’s biggest problems we believe, is products that are here today, gone tomorrow. People want more and more, cheaper and faster. We're trying to slow this down and build value over time, allowing people to develop deeper relationships with products and create a more meaningful experience. It's about delivering less of those quick dopamine hits, and more of the nicer, long-lasting oxytocin love feelings.

By investing in a good quality, long-lasting product you love, you’re saving money in the long term and doing the right thing for the planet. It's a win-win!

How to keep your BLUNT looking it's best Preview

It has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with confidence and joy every time you use it, year after year.

Your BLUNT umbrella is meticulously crafted for durability, ensuring it withstands the test of time. It has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with confidence and joy every time you use it, year after year.

To maintain your BLUNT umbrella's peak condition throughout its lifespan, we recommend following a few simple care tips.

BLUNT care tips

Tip 1: Your new BLUNT
Leave your new BLUNT open overnight. Just like stretching your muscles, expanding the opening mechanism will result in a quick and easy opening every time.

Tip 2: Drying your BLUNT
Allow your BLUNT to completely dry after being in the rain to reduce the chance of mildew and stains forming. Leave your umbrella fully open in a dry area until no moisture remains. If space is limited, your BLUNT can be dried standing with the handle facing up and the canopy tie released.

Tip 3: Cleaning your BLUNT
Use warm water and a clean cloth to wipe any marks off your canopy. Avoid the use of chemical detergents and bristle brushes as these can cause damage to the fabric. BLUNT canopies are not machine washable, we recommend washing by hand.

Tip 4: The BLUNT Tips
If one of your tips looks pointy instead of curved when the umbrella is open, a tip may have become detached. This can simply be pushed back into place – see our tip replacement tutorial for guidance.

Tip 5: Storing your BLUNT
Store your BLUNT in its sleeve to avoid any nicks, holes or scuffs. This will also protect the canopy from sun fade and general wear and tear when not in use.

Tip 6: Opening your BLUNT
Dirt and debris can build up over time, creating friction as the umbrella is opened. Wipe the umbrella shaft with a damp cloth regularly to keep it clean.

By following these simple care tips, you can ensure that your BLUNT umbrella remains a reliable companion, providing years of dependable protection against the elements.

The BLUNT story Preview

Greig had a dream of creating a product that was the best of its kind, a product that has genuine purpose, with genuine heart.

At BLUNT, we believe the river before feeds the present and the future. We look to the past to understand and define our future.

We come from a long line of entrepreneurial Kiwis shaped by our unique place. An edge that can only come from the edge of the world. Where distance and separation push self-sufficiency and a new way of thinking.

When we lean into this unique heritage of innovation, we see what could be, with a different view on the everyday. It’s a DNA that pushes us to brave new ways.

Restless and adventurous, unbound by convention, ready to tackle problems with a mindset that’s free to think beyond what has already been done.

Greig Brebner, our founder, a curious character, grew up with his dad’s workshop as his playground and always loved the process of thinking through an idea to then make it in real life. With a father who was an engineer and from an entrepreneurial family, Greig grew up in the country where he loved to make stuff. The process of creating was his ‘happy juice’ – enjoying the challenge of going deep.

Innovation is an outcome of freedom and vulnerability.

From very early on, Greig had a dream of creating a product that was the best of its kind, a product that has genuine purpose, with genuine heart – something people would love, something that was hard to do but worth doing.

After a number of false starts the ‘idea’ came to him on the other side of the world. Ultimately leading him on a journey to redesign an everyday object of frustration and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As Greig discovered, the process was humbling.

Innovation is an outcome of freedom and vulnerability. When we’re vulnerable, we’re brave enough to make mistakes, we’re free enough to challenge and we’re bold enough to grow. The best of us happens just outside our comfort zone, which is where Greig found himself.

However, there is no innovation and creativity without failure. And fail he did. Over and over again, but each time holding on to something that drove incremental shifts forward, slowly but surely, closing in on a better way.

When we put passion into what we do, people will feel it, use it, love it. And through the blood, sweat and tears, preconceptions were changed, experiences switched from negative to positive, joy started over-indexing for a product that is traditionally seen as functional.

From jagged edges and broken corners came beauty, simplicity and unity.

The BLUNT umbrella set a new benchmark, transforming vulnerable moments into confident experiences unlike any other, allowing people to move through life with ease.

We see the need for products that connect for years, not days. Products made for life, that are valued and put to task daily. At BLUNT, we understand we’re only here for a moment, but we can make that moment endure.

We’re also building a connection of people across the globe. Our tribe of the bold and empowered, who see it different, and make it different.

A group of people who have their time in the sun to write the next great chapter in our story, with a united sense of identity that is fed by belonging and our environment; a group of people who have a higher purpose; have shared beliefs; who are connected.

And connected we are. Connected to our customers, our consumers to each other and to ourselves. When we are connected and have shared values, we feel brave and strong and can take on whatever life throws at us, together.

Looking to the horizon, we have a bold future planned. Wind and rain comes and goes. What matters is the strategy to combat it, the will to take it on with confidence and the strength to ensure it – and together with the 6 BLUNT corners of our world, we will.

In conversation with Misery Preview

Tanja’'s creative journey began at an early age, as she immersed herself in the world of art. A love of drawing and painting eventually led her to explore the vibrant world of graffiti and street painting in her teens. The moniker 'Misery' was born during this time, marking a pivotal moment in her artistic expression. Her talent and unique style caught the attention of art enthusiasts, leading to exhibitions, a clothing label and exciting commercial collaborations.

As Misery transitioned into her late twenties, she realised the importance of prioritising her art and being true to herself as an artist. She loved having creative freedom and sought out collaborations that aligned with her values and vision.

“The Water Rabbit umbrella feels uplifting and peaceful. It’s fun, with a few cheeky carrot and daikon characters hanging around the place, but also has a kind of elegance about it which I really like.”

Quote by|Tanja McMillan (Misery)

BLUNT was a brand that captured Misery's interest, leading to the first collaboration in 2019. This super successful collaboration featuring her artwork laid the foundation for the partnership and led to working together again in 2023 to create a second limited edition design.

Collaborating with BLUNT offered a unique opportunity for Misery to showcase her artwork on a canvas like no other. The BLUNT umbrella provided a large, eye-catching space for creative expression and allowed her to maintain artistic freedom while working with a brand that shared her commitment to quality and innovation.

Seeing her artwork on the BLUNT umbrella was pure joy and is like carrying around your own portable piece of art.

For the 2023 collaboration, the inspiration was the Year of the Water Rabbit in celebration of Lunar New Year. Influenced by her Chinese heritage and true to her signature style, the design she crafted boasts a black canopy adorned with bright pops of colour, depicting playful rabbits, goldfish, and vibrant Lotus flowers amidst flowing waters.

For Tanja and her family, the celebration of the Lunar New Year involves gathering her friends and family and indulging in a grand feast. With a shared love for cooking and celebrating, Misery and her loved ones come together to mark this auspicious occasion. It is a time to embrace tradition, cherish family connections, and welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit with open hearts and full bellies.

As Misery continues to embrace her fabulous creative spirit, her art will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on those who encounter it, both on sunny days and rainy ones under the shelter of a BLUNT x Misery umbrella.

In collaboration with FLOX Preview

One of the distinguishing features of Flox's artwork is her use of vibrant and confident colours combined with delicate details.

Having built her brand over many years, Flox is one of New Zealand’s most recognised contemporary artists. With her distinct style and unwavering commitment to showcasing the beauty of Aotearoa's natural environment, Flox has redefined what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.

Flox's artistic journey began in 2003 when she started leaving her mark on the inner cityscape of Auckland as an aerosol and stencil artist. Her unique approach and undeniable talent quickly gained attention, allowing her to expand her practice into various mediums such as prints, publications, murals, graphic design, and live painting.

One of the distinguishing features of Flox's artwork is her use of vibrant and confident colours combined with delicate details. Her trademark native birds, ferns, and flowers serve as a celebration of Aotearoa's environmental taonga, capturing the essence of its rich biodiversity. With a magical touch, Flox has the ability to transform grey walls or in this case an umbrella canopy, into vibrant depictions of the natural world, breathing life and energy into every artwork she creates.

Flox's accessible narratives have played a significant role in broadening her appeal and her work resonates with people from all walks of life, connecting them to the beauty and importance of the natural world.


In 2017, our collaboration with Flox began, and since then we have released four beautiful designs featuring her iconic artwork. Each collaboration has been met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm from Flox enthusiasts and umbrella collectors alike.

The 2017 design paid homage to the stunning landscapes of Aotearoa and our neighbours across the ditch in Australia. It showcased a harmonious blend of native birds and botanicals from both regions, capturing the lush synergy of nature and colour that Flox is renowned for.


In 2018, our collaboration with Flox beautifully captured the essence of Aotearoa's natural wonders. The artwork featured her signature native birds, intricate ferns, and blooming flowers, painting a breathtaking portrayal of New Zealand's unique ecosystem.


Continuing the tradition, the 2020 collaboration with Flox celebrated the environmental taonga and treasures of Oceania. The design seamlessly blended Australian birds and botanicals with those from Aotearoa, serving as a heartfelt tribute to the region's remarkable biodiversity.


This year's collaboration is in celebration of FLOX's new Neo Tropica range. The design features vibrant imagery that embraces the energy of nature and celebrates the interconnectedness of ecosystems. The artwork showcases Fruit Doves and exotic botanicals, drawing parallels to species found in New Zealand and the wider Pacific region. The design is a testament to Flox's continued exploration of nature's beauty and her commitment to raising awareness about the fragility and interconnectedness of our environment.

Working alongside Flox across the years has been a remarkable journey filled with creativity, inspiration and shared values. We are honoured to have collaborated with such an extraordinary artist.

Welcome to BLUNT Preview

A world of beautifully designed, human-centred products

With an eye firmly on the future, BLUNT has launched its new look ‘brand world’ encompassing a new identity, positioning, packaging and website. 

As the company prepares to expand into products beyond the umbrella, the new modern brand encompasses the past 20 years while setting the company up for future growth.

Led by founder Greig Brebner, the rebrand comes at a pivotal time, “after decades of reimagining the umbrella we are excited to embark on new and exciting developments, outside of the humble umbrella.”

Where we started

The idea for BLUNT was born whilst navigating the streets of London nearly twenty years ago, seeing poorly made umbrellas break, dangerous tips protruding, blowing inside out and ending up in the landfill. There had to be a better way.

Twenty years on, BLUNT now has a team of humans around the globe growing the brand, sharing the joy that is a BLUNT umbrella and providing ongoing repairs long after an umbrella is sold.

“After decades of reimagining the umbrella we are excited to embark on new and exciting developments, outside of the humble umbrella”

Quote by|Greig Brebner

“To compliment this growth, we’ve spent the last 14 months doing a deep dive back into the why. Why we started, why we exist and what we are striving towards – our purpose. The process has helped us to unearth our vision, our mission, our values and our purpose, all truly authentic and ownable to BLUNT and will help set us up for the future.”

What this looks like shows up in the world as the new BLUNT wordmark and B icon. The curves of the B reflect the curves of the umbrella canopy which house the patented technology and is carried through to the development of a bespoke typeface. 

Brebner adds, “This refreshed identity will begin to rollout out through every touchpoint, from product parts, new packaging and new in-store display units. We’re incredibly proud of this journey we’ve been on and are looking forward to seeing our new brand identity show up in the world.”

The branding agency

BLUNT also engaged the skills of Kiwi branding agency, Milk to help bring this to life. Managing Director Ben Reid adds, “The sensorial experience that Greig talks about when describing the BLUNT umbrella, the sound of rain on the high-tensioned canopy, the feel of the umbrella popping open, the visually pleasing canopies adorned with stunning works of art, coupled with the passion and dedication to solving vulnerable moments is something special.” 

“Working with the team at BLUNT we have been able to fully immerse ourselves in understanding the brand and building the very special ‘Us story’, the brand story of Greig's journey.”

Once the story was defined, the brand purpose, vision and values quickly followed and the BLUNT world of beautifully designed, human-centred products was born.

“Engineering Joy is our barometer and our superpower and underpins everything we do as a team, a business and a brand”

Quote by|Fee Cortis

“Our refreshed brand positioning is Engineering Joy,” says Fee Cortis, Head of Marketing at BLUNT. “This positioning beautifully bridges the engineering and patented innovation that has gone into the design of a BLUNT umbrella with the consumer experience, which is joyful.”

Traditionally umbrellas have been a source of frustration due to mass production, poor design, breakages and failures. A BLUNT umbrella removes all those failings so that all that is left is a product that will provide confidence, reliability and joy during life’s vulnerable moments.

Cortis also adds, “Engineering Joy is our barometer and our superpower and underpins everything we do as a team, a business and a brand – from customer service to collaborations, to packaging and instore furniture, right through to our new brand identity and brand campaigns.” 

The bold new direction from BLUNT reinforces that BLUNT is more than a product manufacturer, it is a design company focused on solving human problems. 

In collaboration with Frances Costelloe Preview

Calming Cornflowers

Talented illustrator Frances Costelloe, known for her freeline drawings of faces and flora, collaborated with BLUNT to bring a level of serenity to the beloved BLUNT Metro canopy. 

With Costelloe being half Kiwi, this collaboration holds special significance for BLUNT, known for its unwavering support of fellow New Zealanders. The partnership was a natural fit, as Costelloe immediately felt drawn to BLUNT, particularly the umbrella's scalloped edge.

“It has converted me from a raincoat girl to an umbrella-in-a-bag kind of person”

Quote by|Frances Costelloe

The design itself, adorned with cornflower blue Paisleys, is inspired by soft brushstrokes and doodled creations. Each seemingly spontaneous illustration transports you to the artist's chosen realm. Reflecting her eclectic personal style, Costelloe aimed to infuse the BLUNT canopy with a sense of freedom and vibrancy.

During her creative journey, Costelloe found inspiration at the renowned V&A, the world's largest art, fashion, and design museum nestled in the heart of London. Armed with her sketch pad and camera, she explored the vast archives of fabric, ceramics, and glassware, seeking to reinterpret a pattern. The paisley design captured her imagination, reminding her of a psychedelic dress adorned with mesmerizing swirls and teardrops.

Countless sketches later, Costelloe refined her vision and settled on the reinterpreted paisley motif. To select a captivating blue hue that would stand out even on the greyest of rainy days, she drew inspiration from her beloved flower, the cornflower.

Introducing the BLUNT Tempus Preview

The new Tempus embodies the epitome of BLUNT’s excellence. It stands as a limited edition masterpiece, with only 1,000 individually numbered umbrellas released, destined to be secured for life by those who appreciate design and engineering excellence. 

Expressed without limitations, the Tempus honours BLUNT's design evolution and founder Greig Brebner's journey over the years.  

"Tempus is our ultimate expression of what it means to offer a timeless umbrella experience."

"We wanted to create a piece that wasn’t restricted by convention, yet still respected the classic design.” says Greig Brebner.

“The inspiration came from the watch industry and the concept of a watch being a personal life tool you would hand down through the generations, ultimately becoming an heirloom.”

Effortless connectivity between the individually crafted components of the Tempus showcases the dedication of the design and sets the bar high.

“The construction of the Tempus takes our modular design philosophy to a new level with our new frame connection system. This enhances the serviceability of the product so the Tempus can in turn service you for generations.”

“The presentation of the product was very important to us, the detail of the custom designed packaging and communications really set the tone of the ownership experience."

“As with all BLUNT product experiences, the emotional connection between the product and owner is paramount, taking the BLUNT full sensory experience to a new level from the visual to the tactile.”

Quote by|Greig Brebner

Materials were vital in this project and the use of carbon fibre for the frame and shaft stood out as the optimal choice. In addition to its high performance qualities, the use of carbon as a base element speaks to the fundamental timelessness of the Tempus.

The component detailing of the product was inspired by the luxury car industry with all touch points well considered, from the brushed aluminium handle to the carbon graphene molecular structure inspired pattern on the canopy.

A unique textile weave gives the canopy soft touch properties that compliment the BLUNT radial tensioning system for the structural and aerodynamic qualities of the umbrella. The Tempus canopy has also been embedded with an additional layer of UV protection to allow for year round use. 

The performance of the Tempus in the elements sets a new bar. The optimally weighted handle combined with the tuned carbon frame and highly tensioned aerodynamic canopy provide a beautifully balanced user experience.

Tempus, Latin for time, promises to bestow upon the owner years of both joy and unwavering confidence, backed by an enduring lifetime warranty.

Repair, not replace Preview

Repair has been a part of the BLUNT story from the beginning.

Since our inception in 2006, we have repaired approximately 9,000 umbrellas across three markets, and sent out just over half that in spare parts for at home DIY repairs.

To celebrate International Repair Day, we are looking back at our rich history of repair, and how the future of our Service Centres will bring more brands into the repair space.

We stand for a different kind of relationship between person and product.

Rather than the wastefulness of mass-consumption, we have a vision of consumers investing in quality, repairable goods. 

A BLUNT is both physically and emotionally durable: the use of premium materials and design is woven with a sense of protection and security when used. The more people value their products, the more they look after them, and this is further nourished when the umbrella is repaired. We advocate for a kind of ownership based on a sense of responsibility from both the brand and the customer.

Using what we already own, and repairing when things go wrong, has far greater emissions savings than buying a brand-new product. We want to inspire conscious consumption, slowing down, and building value over time.

Currently, we have three Service Centres, in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and are working towards a fourth in the United States. All have the parts and expertise to fix any issues with our current models and almost all of our past models as well!

This is repair accessibility at its best.

People are thrilled seeing their umbrella fixed before their eyes, and many learn more about their product through the experience. This is truly Engineering Joy.

Walk-ins make up the majority of repairs done in our Auckland Service Centre, and most of the time, we can do the repair on the spot! Repairing a BLUNT can take from 30 seconds up to 20 minutes, with most repairs taking under 10 minutes.

Simple and small issues, such as a missing cap, can be solved by customers ordering parts, which we send out from these centres. We are also working with BLUNT retailers in key cities to stock these parts, eliminating the emissions associated with shipping from our Service Centre.

Analysing the repair data also allows us to closely monitor how our products are performing while in the elements. With this information, we can make little tweaks, and have witnessed the positive impacts of continual improvement to the BLUNT design.

The design and end of life phases are the areas we have the most control over, and are therefore investing heavily into operating sustainably in these areas. Customers can reduce the carbon footprint over the lifecycle of a product between 30-50% by having it repaired rather than replacing it, and we want to be there for the customer to make this happen.

Our ultimate plan is to have all repairs able to be done by the customer. If something goes wrong, we simply send a component and you pop it in yourself - as easy as Lego.

Evidently, we want to see the repair of our products flourish further. This resonates with several other New Zealand companies, leaders in their product categories, brands that Kiwis turn to for quality and conscious design.

BLUNT is driving the formation of a Repair Cluster - A group of likeminded companies looking to solve the repair challenge together.

Modularity, durability, and repairability in product categories that traditionally do not focus on these qualities is the innovation we, and other NZ companies, bring to consumers. Collaboration is the key to problem solving, and it is crucial to designing out post consumer waste. New Zealand is a small country, especially compared to big export markets like the United States, and executing a repair model locally is already a significant challenge.

The aim of the Repair Cluster is to share knowledge, talk about the challenges of a repair program, create guidelines for product repair, and drive genuine collaboration between like minded companies.

Building on our current platform of repair, this is the next step in gaining more momentum towards a ‘repair, not replace’ future. We have a vision for local Service Centres that can repair all things, from your umbrella to your handbag, tent, pram, and wet weather gear!

Stewardship schemes are difficult to execute, however we see collaborative repair as an opportunity to increase the positive impact of our brand’s ethos. New Zealand can be a hub of innovation that is genuinely good for the world but we can only realise this if we work together.

In conversation with Kenita-Lee Preview

With a lifelong dedication to artistic expression and narrative exploration, Kenita-Lee McCartney weaves intricate ancestral narratives of unity, unwavering strength, and guidance through her captivating artworks.

Hailing from the Wemba Wemba, Wiradjuri, Wotjiboluk, Nari Nari and Boon Wurrung people, Kenita-Lee's connection to country is the wellspring of her creativity and deeply rooted in her artwork. Explore our chat with Kenita-Lee below to delve into her artistry and inspiration behind her work.

“This piece depicts the strong feminine matriarchs. The leaders, the changemakers, who led the way before, guide us today and leave their names in history.”

Quote by|Kenita-Lee McCartney

The arched shaped symbols are aligned to resilience and strength – honouring those who came before, and continue to guide Kenita-Lee’s journey. It’s a special piece that acknowledges the female lineage and energy of her bloodlines.

Where are you from and how does that guide or shape your work?

My name is Kenita-Lee McCartney and I live in a small rural town called Swan Hill on the Murray River. I'm originally from an even smaller town in outback New South Wales called Balranald. I am Wemba Wemba, Nari Nari, Wotjiboluk, Wiradjuri and Boon Wurrung tribes.

Tell us about your business and what drives you?

My business is a collection of artworks I have created over the last 10 years. Art has always been a way for me to express my emotions and tell stories of the experiences I go through in my life.

I proudly work in an Aboriginal organisation sharing my culture, creating events and leasing with the community.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

My artistic influences are my family. Not many people know that I come from a very long line of incredibly talented artists.

How would you describe your style, both artistic and personal?

Personally I am very colourful, but I love simplicity. In my art I like to use bright colours to express my feelings of what I think of my culture, and the vibrancy it makes me feel. In my personal life however I love simple colours. You won't find a lot of colour in my home, yet when you walk into my studio it's full of vibrant colours.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

When it comes to the best piece of advice I've been given, someone once told me 'don't let life steal your sunshine' and I hold onto that through everything that comes my way. It helps me stay true to myself and my values.

Most inspirational place?

My most inspirational place is always at home on country. Whether that is the desert in Balranald on Nari Nari country, the mountains on Wotjiboluk country or the gorgeous beaches on Boon Wurrung country. My connection to country is everything to me and inspires a lot of my artwork.

And finally, what are the three things you can’t live without?

My art, my culture, and of course my beautiful family.